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Who is

Guilty Spark?

Spark is a revolution, and the first of its kind.

Integrating deep learning and over 25 algorithms to manage online marketing and adwords campaigns: Spark will get the best ROI for any budget. Guilty Spark is a Software as a service (SaaS) for use in managing online pay-per-click advertising campaigns; as well as an innovative platform as a service (PaaS) services featuring software for use in managing online pay-per-click advertising campaigns

CPC Campaign Optimization

Spark analyzes your campaigns and industry position several times a minute.

Minimizing cost, maximizing ROI, and passing savings on to you.

Customer/Market Analysis

Spark analyzes your customer base in real time, taking the guesswork out of profitable strategies.

Spark works with your objectives: exposure, conversions, budget, you name it.

(818) 995-8655

At Guiltyspark, we understand maximizing conversions is more than a great campaign.

We help you build landing pages, integrate analytics, and outrank your competitors for less. We take your success seriously.

Inbound Lead Gen

Our experts can leverage the analytics of Guiltyspark to get you to the top of your industry quickly at a fair price.
If you are buying leads to stay competitive, or if your marketing budget is hurting your operations, get in touch.


Humans cannot outperform Guilty Spark at this task.
Spark is cheaper, smarter, and faster.
Spark is a paradigm shift.


Spark leaves you and your team to focus on your business, making the calling room very quiet. Humans don't deserve to do tasks Spark can do, humans deserve to do better things in your enterprise.


Guilty Spark will kill off ads and keywords that aren't delivering, and he will also tell you why. You can ask Spark to be more or less aggressive as you please.


Guilty Sark learns the industry and customer with you, trying hundreds of ads or introducing new products is as simple as typing a description.
Test the market in real time

We have tried to ask, but he just spits advertising reports at us. Sometimes, he cancels our cable.
Yes, Guilty Spark will do the research and add or subtract entitites as necessary.
Generally, we prefer to. You can authenticate through our API but it's easier to import. We can write the ads if you're just starting out.
The Cost Per Click on Bing is much more economical and the reach is tremendous.Export well-tested campaigns into more expensive environments later. We have APIs for that, and also you'll get a dashboard either way.
Guilty Spark takes resources to run, but we can set you up with a diet Spark. (The nerds in the office call them Guilty Sparklers.) It won't be quite the same, but it'll beat a homo sapiens any day.
If so we want to thank you for already accidentally owning a little Spark...

A lot of advertising companies Spark up behind closed doors.
Yes, but we don't recommend playing with your Spark (or your Sparkler):as tempting as it is. We haven't observed an instance where intervention was helpful.
Great Question! Our resident nerds asked it too. If your competitors are using it, it's possible. But, you can request your personal Spark to stay in his sandbox.
Well, it will depend on a couple factors. It will be competitive though. Give us a call, consultations are free as they should always be!
Well, that's a reasonable concern. GuiltySpark takes a small management fee for the infrastructure, but otherwise, your advertising money is allocated to advertising. You can start with any budget. We have a history of sponsoring campaigns as a partner because we know that the results are worth it!

Why GuiltySpark?

Marketing is very complicated, but behind the scenes a lot of advertisers are crunching numbers and using tools to do it effectively. We think that can be an end-to-end experience that doesn't cost the consumer. Typical advertising requires people at desks checking campaigns, updating them by intuition, and doing market research. Artificial intelligence can do better than intuition. GuiltySpark changes the market. Companies of any size can commit any budget to investigate the phenomenon of CPC advertising with ease

meet our team

Ken Hutchison, PhD


Eduardo Alarcon

VP External Consulting

Soundar Kumara, PhD

Chief Technology Strategist

Philip Russell

Vice President

Michael Roark


Jose Ordonez

Sales Director

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